Theatres Des Vampires

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Carnival Day


All is dancing around the evils eye
Clowns in black on the cart are trowing bits of flesh
Evil dolls without months are singing a simphony of death
Witches are laughing while drinking blood of virgins
A juggler plays with little eyes of the heretic priest
The cruel werewolf is howling to the bleeding moon
Screams in this nights party in this mad carnival
The cart of sex... where the dead fuck the living
It's the death of flesh!
You will trust in this evil breed
Sweet perversion! Join us!
A woman made of mirrors sucks the souls
That she meets a girl with snakes eyes have a killing glance
This ceremony of death is a praise to flesh
Lady death is licking blood on her sickle, blood on her victims
Dark virgin plays with an hammer the head of her spouse
Shadows of forgotten angels are whirling in the dark air
The vampire on the cart brings a dead sun and darkness triumph on the light...
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