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Black Mirror


In my life cell a lonley place
Purple light that never stops
Flash by flash
It burns my mind
Lighting the shadows in my head
Behind me... A black mirror
I lose my soul
I lose my days
I lose my mind
I lose my life
Behind me... A black mirror
White walls around me
Lots of hands that scratch outside
Everyday the same... Again and again
A terrible noise that rise from there
I hear their call...
They could eat me
I scream without voice
Nobody is here in my life cell
Silence... It prepares us to die
Devi-hate obsession
It makes me blind
This life is steeling my sight
Behind me... A black mirror
Nothing to see nothing to take
Now I'm trapped in my life cell
Behind me... A black mirror
Caught in this endless trap
Something is burning inside me...
It's killing me... It makes me feel alive
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